Improve Your Records Management System – חלק 2

תיקון אמבטיה – למד עוד

system may prove to be very useful

Make Sure the New System is Exactly What
Your Office Needs

In order to make sure you get the records management
system that is suitable for your office, you need to be able to define the
office and employee requirements. Sounds easy enough, but try to sit and put in
writing all the employee and office needs that the records management system
will need to answer and you will discover that it may be a daunting task. Make
sure you sit down with whoever is supplying the new records management service
and explain exactly what you need. Don’t make compromises and avoid using
systems that will provide partial answers. You may find yourself in a situation
in which the entire system will need to be replaced in less than a year.

Understand What
Information You Need

Again, easier said than
done. An efficient records management system will allow you and your employees
to retrieve files and information instantly. But a system that will be too
large may be slow and over complex. Therefore, it’s important to make decisions
regarding archiving of dated information. You may want to research your own
employees to better understand what information each and every one of them
needs on a daily basis.